About Us

Stacks + Foundation 6 + Total CMS truly does equal an AMAZING and customizable website design experience that allows you to have both FORM and FUNCTION, but.... it can be a little time consuming and technical to get it all set up and functioning properly.

This is where CUMBRE comes in!

CUMBRE is a fully functional website that has all the dirty work done for you! Just open the project file and use the predefined layouts or start tweaking to your imagination's content. The macros are all there so you just have to move them wherever YOU want them to be.

CUMBRE has been used as the base for COUNTLESS websites and continues to be the ULTIMATE in making life easy when starting up a new project!

Start to Finish Website with Full SEO: Your website will be built with SEO at the forefront, ensuring you start ranking higher with Google and other search engines. CUMBRE leverages the FULL power of FOUNDATION 6, TOTAL CMS, and SEO HELPER to ensure your websites are SEO POWERHOUSES!!

Custom Admin Portal for Quick Updates: Sometimes you just want to change out an image or update some text. Your Admin Portal is easy to use and ready when you are.

Scalable So Your Website Grows With You: Starting small? We all do and so too can your website. Let’s get you out there so people who search for you can actually find you!

It's ALL Hooked Up: You don't have to worry about making sure this BLOG LIST is connected to that BLOG FORM or if the NAVIGATION MENU will be editable if you're away from your Mac!


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